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Board Edging/Capping Profiles

Neatly finish boards with strong aluminium profiles including 'J' sections as well as internal/external corner and board joining options for shop fitting


Please see sheet below with some of our range

Board Capping Catalogue
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Board Edging/Capping

Aluminium trims for edging boards ~ Edge capping J-sections/Corner profiles

Slimline's board edge trims/capping are designed to neatly finish board edges. This can be capping the tops and bottoms of boards on a perimeter run

Also joining two boards together in either an internal or external corner.

For instance on cladded pillars within a store environment providing excellent protection from chipping by enclosing any exposed edges.

These can be supplied in epoxy powder coated finish to match your desired colour or anodised

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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